autobahn came into my life in april, 2013, about two weeks after i verbalized that i wanted to look for a horse to event and two weeks after i got married. auto was a very special–albeit completely unplanned–wedding gift. in thanks, i named him autobahn after the hubs’s favorite kraftwerk song. i discovered, once he was fit enough to ride, that it fits him. 
he needed me as much as i needed him. 

all i know about auto’s life before me is second hand from the therapy program where he had been dumped. he was called prince. he was given up because he “had a buck.” and he had been starved.

it had never been my intention to rescue a horse, but i couldn’t leave him behind. not only did he need me, i have an unhealthy attraction to projects. i had the best intentions (and romantic notions) of rehabbing him and uncovering a diamond in the rough. little did i know that he was almost entirely green (no wonder he “had a buck!”) and that i was mostly unprepared for such a project.
we’re still polishing the diamond, and i still sometimes wonder if i’ve bitten off more than i can chew. but i’ve committed and recommitted to him countless times in the last fifteen months. we’ve overcome (hopefully) low-grade EPM and sore SIs/injections and we’re working through his countless evasions and my utter ignorance of dressage.
he’s my bubba, there’s no doubt about it, and we’re together for good reason.

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