TGIF, amirite?

you guys! all your sweet comments have made me feel so good about joining the blogging club! thanks so much! and thanks, especially, to amchance for the shoutout. maybe one day we’ll be at the barn at the same time and meet in person!

what a week! i arrived home on monday evening to find my sweet kitteh three-legged lame. never thought i’d say that about one of my at-home animals, but there it is. we immediately rushed to the emergency vet–i was pretty convinced he’d been hit by a car. words cannot convey how much i love my kittehs, and this one in particular has really stolen my heart. i was beside myself as i waited to learn what was going on. 
the vet was fairly sure he’d gotten stuck in something and dislocated his ankle (and maybe fractured a bone or two) trying to get unstuck. this was somewhat a relief until they rolled out surgery (pins, plates, etc.) as the solution. hello, million dollar kitteh! 
the hubs and i left him at the vet to get splinted and returned to pick up this unbelievable vision in pink:

there may be a bit of distortion from the camera angle, but not much. that giant splint was nearly as long as he is! (the ER vet was convinced that my he was really a she!?!)

the ER vet couldn’t do the surgery (note to self, find another ER vet), so my poor buddy had to endure the pink indignity for two days. he tripped on pain killers most of the time and only suffered in that he wouldn’t use the litter box and grew a very full bladder.

we took him to the specialist on wednesday, to learn that he had indeed fractured his tibia and required some hardware to stabilize the break and dislocation. poor buddy. the vet assured us she’d give him a “sportier splint” more befitting his masculinity and more maneuverable in the box.

we picked him up yesterday and practically had to wrestle him from the vet techs. he’s such a love bug. they said he never stopped purring at them.  god, i love this kitteh.

here he is at home last night. first thing he did when i took him out of his carrier was beeline to his food. his little butt is bald, but he’s getting around like a champ. he used the box this morning, which was my biggest worry. what relief. it’s currently 3:30, and i cannot wait to get home and snorgle him.

so, it’s been a heck of a week at the cat house. sleep has been hard to come by, and worry has been high. two good lessons so far this week have helped my sanity, for sure. but those early mornings haven’t helped with the sleeping. tonight i plan to eat my weight in brisket and get in bed at 9. two more rides tomorrow, and i’ll report on the riding front. and, i need to post my tack swap stuffs, too.

7 thoughts on “TGIF, amirite?

  1. Nope, we’re avoiding each other on purpose. Really though, I never see anyone from y’alls barn because you’re as far away from Daniel’s barn as possible.


  2. that would be super impressive! also, i ride at odarkthirty during the week, which is probably one reason we don’t cross paths. i can’t bear the barn when the idylwood gang is on the loose.


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