case of the mondays

the dog days are still with us, my friends. it was a steamy weekend around these parts, and we need rain like crazy. the arenas are dust bowls and the fields are hard and cracking. that might also be a metaphor for my patience and mental health.

i ended last week on a good note–a positive jump lesson on auto. i’m really working on retraining my brain to accept and understand all the contradictory messages my horse sends me. “i’m behind your leg.” “no, wait, now i’m charging the cross rail.” “by canter you mean careening and out of control, right?” by the end of friday’s lesson, i felt like i was managing the messages pretty well and i was feeling a little more confident about my skillz.

auto showed himself to be pretty tolerant in saturday’s group lesson wherein we rode two abreast through figure 8s and over cross rails. he was a good boy, mostly adjustable and responsive, and we had only one moment of mayhem. my adventures in round robin were not so pleasant. i used to be a hell of a pony wrangler. recent pony rides indicate that that might not be the case any more. 

i followed the jump lesson and pony disaster with a nice dressage lesson on an angelic, but not easy, schoolmistress. dawn of the giant head has been schooling me in inside leg/outside rein, and all the dressage basics that blow my mind. i was glad to have that positive ride, as my self confidence is at an all-time low, and i needed a decent ride to put a stop to my internal dialog.

sunday’s dressage lesson on auto was  alright. he was pretty agreeable. i think the combination of a longer than usual lesson, some major distractions, and a mentally fried rider made the end of the lesson turn ugly. for some reason, inside leg to outside rein, tracking left, is not working for us (which is a likely culprit for that missing left lead canter), and began to circle the frustration drain pretty quickly. i gotta figure out how to climb back out. 


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