horses in art

amanda’s post this morning, at an eventful life, inspired me to think about horses in art. (i love that image that she shared!) i have always been drawn to horses in art, and art in general. so, i thought i’d put that BA in art history to some use and curate great moments in equine art. first up, rosa bonheur, and the horse fair (1852-55). bonheur is a well known animalier, or realist painter of animal subjects. her realism is attributable to her extensive study of animal anatomy and locomotion, through dissection and observation. the horse fair is based on bonheur’s observations of the paris horse market, which she attended often. the large horizontal painting, which captures intense movement and energy, was first exhibited at the paris salon, and is now in the permanent collection of the metropolitan museum of art in nyc.

rosa bonheur, the horse fair (1832-55), metropolitan museum of art


3 thoughts on “horses in art

  1. Sorry to see you leave blogger, but I’ve stalked you over here anyway…next time if you wanna shake me – don’t leave the handy breadcrumb trail 😉

    This is the first time I’ve seen that painting & I really like it, thanks for sharing!!
    Not at all the same line of wok, but have you seen or heard of an equine artist called Tony O’connor? (Or at least I think that it his name) He paints lovely images imo ☺

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