what’s in your tack trunk, dressage edition

as i work to process this week’s lessons (which have been great, and very challenging), i thought i would post about stuff that doesn’t make my brain melt! and, since i had a dressage lesson today, how ’bout we start with dressage tack?

Auf der Autobahn

i love my dressage tack. my saddle is still very new (just a few months old) and it was a long time in the making. the only other tack needed is my bridle, which did not cost a fortune and seems to be breaking in very nicely.


albion platinum ultima europa. (pretty sure this is the same as the SLK ultima platinum, FWIW.) not only was this saddle a great fit for me and auto, it also features an adjustable tree to accommodate potential changes. the leather is like butter (especially on the thigh blocks), and the saddle is just beautiful. i was super stoked that it came with a girth, which has broken in nicely.


suffolk premier dressage bridle, black with silver piping. this looks so good on auto’s pretty face, and the padded poll and cavesson make me feel like he is benefitting from a bit of cushioning.

i use the stubben sweet copper baucher. i love the lozenge and material, and the baucher cheek pieces discourages inversion with a little poll pressure.

although i am starting to wean myself off it, i have been using a german martingale to help both of us learn to ride with contact and to help me manage auto’s inversion evasion. it’s been a groundbreaking help! with proper adjustment and setting (we always use the second ring), the martingale does not come into effect at all unless the horse inverts or runs with the bit. in that case, i get a little extra help correcting, without totally yanking on the bit. when auto is moving forward with a neutral head/neck position, or even on the bit, the martingale does not come into play at all. i currently use lisa’s GM, but would like to acquire one of my own.

i’d love to know what’s in your tack trunk?



12 thoughts on “what’s in your tack trunk, dressage edition

  1. We’re bridle twinsies!! I have a black Crown padded flash bridle with silver piping which matches the silver piping I have on my dressage saddle. My dressage saddle is a short flap custom from Heritage in the UK as I am a shorty (5’2).


    • OH MAN, i am so jealous of your custom silver piping. i tried to simply get the hardware on my albion in silver (NOT the garish brass), and it was impossible.
      i love the silver piping on my bridle–it’s so pretty. you should share what’s in your tack trunk, too!


  2. beautiful saddle! i’d love to get a dressage saddle, but the prospect of what it might cost to get one that fits an arab (short back, highly sprung rib cage) – let alone an arab that doesn’t actually belong to me – puts me off…


    • emma, i can relate completely! it took me a while to bite the bullet on my dressage saddle, and it was even a gift. but after months of riding in different saddles, i couldn’t take it anymore. it’s heaven to finally have my own!
      i hope you have the opportunity to get one in the future!


  3. LOVE the silver piping! Why oh WHY could Paddy not have a normal-sized head so I could get a bridle with some classy bling? Pout.

    And yeah, custom dressage saddle FTW!

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  4. Just playing catch up on my blog stalking *ahem* reading after the long weekend in Ireland.
    I love the look of the Albion dressage saddles, so many at my barn have them & I seriously covet them. Sadly the saddle fitter who sells them in my neck of the woods is a no – go – zone for me after a badly fitting saddle he sold me almost ruined my horse & my confidence in her and myself.
    Pity as Albion do make fab tack.

    Your bridle also sounds swoon-worthy; i think photos are needed of all this fab tack. Preferably on the horse, so we can drool over auto 😉

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    • aoife, you’re so sweet. and i must get some pics of auto in his get up. i promise to do that!
      what a pity about your albion rep. i look forward to learning what’s in your tack room with the upcoming blog hop! 😉


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