tack trunk, jumping

in today’s accounting, show jumping and cross country turnout auf der autobahn:


a pretty good view of the chloe (and my booty).

adam ellis “chloe” jump saddle in black buffalo leather. our local saddle fitter is a rep for adam ellis (whom i’d never heard of before our appointment), albion, and patrick saddlery, among others, and the classic chloe was the saddle that suited me best. sometimes i wish i had a monoflap, and i do wish i had customized my chloe a bit with extra long billets and fancy colored piping, but overall i love my saddle. i’ve been in it for about a year, and it just keeps getting better.

a good overall view of our kit.

a good overall view of our kit.

i use a thinline trifecta cotton half pad with sheepskin rolls. it’s padded enough to even out any spots that might not be perfect, but thin enough that it won’t change the saddle fit. my saddle has only ever been on auto, and fits him really well. but the half pad makes me feel like i’m taking extra special care of his back.

nunn finer 5-point breastplate in black/chrome with removable sheepskin pads. the 5-point is de rigeur for cross country, and i like it well enough. i’ve modified mine by removing the snaps from the dee straps (they made too much noise). sometimes i think about dying the sheepskin black. the only improvement i would like to see to this piece is to offer the choice of neoprene pads in addition to the sheepskin (like they offer in the figure 8 noseband and the new 3-way breastplate). the sheepskin gets so funky!

nunn finer figure 8 bridle in black/chrome. i first purchased this because auto tended to cross his jaw. now it’s just our dedicated jumping bridle with the stubben golden wings gag bit, which we both love). i loathe the nunn finer pimple reins that most eventers love–they’re so long and floppy. i’ve tried webbed reins with stops, plain reins, and leather reins with stops, and the latter is my preference.

for stadium, we use majyk equip series two open front tendon and fetlock boots. for XC, we use the majyk equip cross country boots. i love boyd martin and i needed boots–what can i say! love these boots–they’re super easy to care for (machine washable) and super durable. we top it off with plain old rubber bell boots. looking at these fancy boyd martin series show jumping boots is making me drool a little.

some extras/adjustments i’ve been eyeing are the aforementioned sj boots (definitely do-not-need), 3-way breastplate (to use for schooling and sj), as well as a few new saddle pads, like this mattes.

perfect color!

perfect color!


11 thoughts on “tack trunk, jumping

  1. I’ve been eyeballing the Majyk boots, but I need more open fronts like I need a hole in the head. I do however probably need to upgrade my 15+ year old Bar-F brand galloping boots into something more modern for XC.

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  2. Augh…my tack ho self is rearing it’s head! I really want a nice 5 point or elastic breastplate but I absolutely have no reason why I need one. To be honest if I had my way I’d probably be showing dressage in a fancy jumper pad, dressage saddle, figure 8, and and schmancy breastplate. x_x I’m so tacky….

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    • that sounds perfect, peony! i love to see ponehs go in fig 8s for dressage. also, i hear polo breastplates are becoming popular in the sandbox.
      what’s ridiculous is that i have the 5-point, but feel i ALSO NEED the 3-way!

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