have any of you guys purchased from calevo? i’d love to hear about your experiences! thanks!


8 thoughts on “calevo

    • i knew you’d have some insight, amchance! when you shop on the euro sights, are you charged a fee by your credit card for shopping in euros (or whatever currency)?


      • I try to specifically shop places that take paypal, since there’s no fee and it’s super easy. But if that doesn’t work out (which has only happened once) I use my debit card and the fee is only a few bucks.


  1. Do you follow equestriantrend’s blog?
    She recently posted about calevo when talking about the new Eskadron collection – you could ask her if she has ordered from them … sorry I can’t post a link from my phone.


  2. I have! 🙂 I ordered a Kieffer breastplate from them last year. I was very, very happy with the experience. They shipped fast (for coming from Europe), it was packed very well, and their price was cheaper (including shipping) than it would have been for me to order from Kieffer US. I always check back there when I’m looking for something specific. My experience with them was nothing but positive and I wouldn’t hesitate to order from them again.


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