you guys, i took a gnarly fall this morning and my ankle is SWOLE. so, i have two questions for you:
what is the universe trying to tell me?
how the hell do i get over this quickly?

please send any and all sprained ankle remedies!


9 thoughts on “uhhh…

  1. ACK! A fall from a horse, or just a fall?

    The acronym is RICE: rest, ice, elevation. Stay off it, keep it propped up (ideally above heart level), and keep ice on it.

    I am also a big believer in arnica for the acute phase, the first 48-72 hours or so. You can take it orally or get it in a gel and apply directly.

    If the swelling doesn’t go down relatively quickly, head to the urgent care. Soft tissue injuries are not to be messed with.


    • thanks for the terrific advice, amanda! really appreciate it. assuming the urgent care doc i saw last night is competent, it’s a grade 3 sprain. so, back to RICEing!


      • Well, ick. I’m sorry. 😦 that’s a nasty sprain. Make sure you get in enough rest to heal it – soft tissue is trickier than bones in many ways and needs time!


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