update (in case you’re wondering)

went to urgent care last night, to be sure there is no fracture. no fracture, just grade 3 sprain (assuming the doctor was competent to read the xrays, which is debatable). i’m in a really sexy, lace up ankle brace–it’s effectively a corset for my cankle–until i feel better.

in exciting, related shopping news, i ordered a back on track ankle brace to help with the healing. cannot wait to try it out. thanks, ankle, for giving me a reason to try BoT.


8 thoughts on “update (in case you’re wondering)

    • ^This. I bought one for my tendonitis after L suggested it and it is amazing. A friend at work now uses it for her Carpal Tunnel and my trainer used the ankle brace after she broke her leg earlier this year. Definitely works!


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