well that’s no good

so, i spoke with my ortho-in-law (my husband’s uncle who is an orthopedist), after sending him some photos of my cankle. the phone prognosis is not good, my dears. he suspects a “high ankle sprain” and told me to get my arse to an orthopedist.

funny, i think i might have the same thing as this guy, who is now almost completely healed:

oh hai, doc dreamy.

lucky for me, i already have an ortho in my stable of caretakers. see, i had a complete orthopedic repair of my radius and ulna, just shy of a year ago. compound fractures of both bones means that i now have a bionic left arm full of stainless steel and a really, really ugly scar. it’s nice that my doc, dr. drake borer, looks like he should star in the next prime-time TV medical drama because that break was nasty and he was a real pleasure to look at through the whole process. if you can’t ride your horse, your doc better be easy on the eyes.i had a really terrific pyhs therapist, too, who i came to know very well in three months of 3x per week PT.

so, i’ll see dr. borer on tuesday, after i spend the next few days on the RICE regimen. from the highly informative google searches i’ve done, it looks like i’m out of commission for the foreseeable future. funny how eventing in color and a house on a hill were just talking about injuries.

emailing now to scratch from that show. womp womp.

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