das boot

I’m in a boot for 4 weeks.

nothing to see here, just licking my wounds.

in an interesting and related bit of info, at least i don’t have a lisfranc fracture: “a fracture within the forefoot (usually involving the 2nd metatarsal) and an associated lateral displacement of the lateral four metatarsal bones from the tarsel bones (the Lisfranc joint). This represents a disruption of the intermetatarsel ligament that stabilises the joint between the 1st and 2nd metatarsals (predictably named the Lisfranc ligament). This was first described by him during his time as a military surgeon in Napoleon’s army around 1813 and occurred when riders fell from their horses with their feet caught in their stirrups.”

just a little bit of ortho-equine history from dr. dreamy.


4 thoughts on “das boot

  1. bummer about the boot – but SUPER glad it’s not a lisfranc – those are pretty serious breaks. isabel’s owner actually just experienced that injury and is non weight bearing for 2 months, and out of the saddle for 6. i guess the rotational pressure from the stirrups is just too stressful for the injury site?

    anyways, i wish you a very speedy recovery!

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