cankle catastrophe 2014

hey y’all, how’s it going? i see you’re all doing your 2Pointober baselines and I’m jealous. I want to participate, damnit! (i can’t believe i just said that!) sadly i’m still not riding, although i am recovering.

it’ll be two weeks tomorrow since i sprained it. i should not be harumphing–i think i’m improving quite quickly. i’m walking, and the swelling is dramatically reduced. oh, and i ditched that damn boot. it hurt so much more than walking barefoot or even in a shoe. i called the nurse after 24 hours, explained the pain they had inflicted on me, and she told me toss it. (after she chuckled to herself, “you’re my little horse girl, right?”)

two weeks feels like forever. and no riding has really taken a toll on my typically sunny grumpy disposition. now i’m grumpier than normal. maybe viva carlos will take pity on me and i’ll win her 1000th post giveaway? i’m seriously in the market for some composite/wide footbed stirrups now that i’m ankle gimpy. i hear they’re pretty terrific. do any of you guys have experience with royal riders, compositi, projump, composite reflex, etc., etc, etc.? i’m also really curious about the  i’d love to know your thoughts!  (also, have any of you guys tried the free jump stirrup? really curious about them!)

tangentially, susan miller says october is going to be a doozy, with two eclipses. i can already feel the change in the air.


8 thoughts on “cankle catastrophe 2014

  1. I have the Royal Riders stirrups- the original ones without the flexible part. I cannot say enough good things about them! I was a total doubter- until I rode with my trainer’s saddle that had them on it, needless to say I ordered them the same week! They are so light you don’t even know they are there, they help with knee pain, and with the cheese grater pads your feet DO NOT MOVE at all on the stirrups.

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  2. glad you’re feeling better! i just ordered the compositis from smartpak and really love them. the light weight is helping me keep my leg in the right spot, and i’m losing my stirrups less frequently. just watch out when you’re dismounting tho – i didn’t kick them off hard enough once and almost got tangled lol… but all in all, i’m quite pleased with them!

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