Hand Gallop blog hop: What’s In a Name?

i touched on this briefly in a previous post, but i wanted to join in on Hand Gallop’s hop. it’s a great topic (i LOVE to think of horse names), and i got nothing else to offer.

now that i’m not really on stall rest anymore (!!!), it’s too wet to ride. covered arena fairey, please come visit my barn. the extent of my weekend news is that i did my first full body clip and cleaned some tack. bo-ring.

so, onto the fun stuff. auto is short for autobahn, the name i gave him in honor of my kraftwerk-loving husband who had no idea what he was getting into when i got back into horses. my hubs is a traffic engineer, which also makes autobahn a fitting name to honor him. i typically call auto bubs, bubba, or lovey. bubba seems to fit him especially well.

we’ve not been to a show yet, and i always figured autobahn would be his show name. imho, it’s a great name, and he doesn’t need any more than that. i also love one-word names/show names. but, it might be fun to register him with USEA as auf der autobahn, but i haven’t decided. (i’m not even convinced we’re ever going to get to a show.) i had also thought about show-naming him gimme shelter, but i’ve never really been sold on that. i’m kind of a stickler for barn names being shortened versions/names related to the show name. if his show name were gimme shelter, i feel like i’d have to call him jagger or clayton. he’s been auto for so long, i can’t imagine him as anything else.

i could write a whole post on how i would name every horse after a song title.

what are your thoughts on barn names as related to show names?


7 thoughts on “Hand Gallop blog hop: What’s In a Name?

  1. I love one word show names! I think they sound bold, and are easier to remember. I really like barn names and kind of match the show name, so maybe that’s why I’m not a huge fan of my horses barn name. But calling Dunham ‘N Diamonds every time I want to get her attention is a mouthful. Glad you’re off stall rest!

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  2. yay for being off stall rest!! i like autobahn *and* auf der autobahn…. and as someone who shows a horse with a one-word show name (isabel), i kinda get jealous of some of the cooler interesting names out there… tho it also makes me wonder if isabel has some other registered name that i don’t know about…. ?

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