what d’ya think?

guys, i’m in the market for a quarter sheet. should i spring for the Back on Track, or just get a regular ol’ fleece one? do any of you have experience with the BoT? i’d love to hear your insights.

the bubs is clipped and he came out a little stiff on this chilly morning. the quarter sheet we borrowed seemed to help, and also seemed to get him using his booty more (hooray for unexpected benefits!).

so what d’ya think?


9 thoughts on “what d’ya think?

  1. Full disclosure I’m biased but I love my BoT quarter sheet. I think it works well and when I’m in a hurry and don’t have time to use my sheet before a ride in the winter I think it’s helpful. 🙂 I use it over my other quarter sheets every time.


    • Hillary: which sheet do you use, the shaped fleece one, or the larger waterproof one? i’m not sure which would be better after reading all kinds of reviews/CoTH threads. i’d love to know more specifics about your experience.


  2. If I could, I would go wool, but I actually like the fleece ones I have just fine. I would not spring the extra money for BoT. I know people swear by them, but it’s never seemed worth it to me.

    You can eliminate the static problem by just grounding yourself/touching something else before handling the fleece quarter sheets.

    My ideal quarter sheet would actually be a wool-lined waterproof one, so we could take it on hacks in the winter, which is when I use quarter sheets the most.

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