of memories and thighmasters

i’ve been thinking a lot about a riding instructor i had my first year of college, at clemson. his name was bill payne and his barn was penn’s woods stable in anderson, south carolina.in my memories, bill was an amazing instructor. i loved riding with him and i especially loved stetson, one of the horses i rode at PWS. he was a big, thick-boned guy in a plain brown wrapper and he is one of the horses i’ll never forget. i tried desperately to convince my parents to buy him for me, but that wasn’t in the cards. i stopped riding with bill when i transferred to UGA, and i lost touch with him. it was exciting to see a website (albeit likely very old) when i googled the farm name.

in any case, bill felt that the two most helpful pieces of exercise equipment any rider could have were the thighmaster and a hula hoop. yep, you read that right.

awesome image linknapped from u turn crossfit.

bill felt that the thighmaster optimally conditioned the thighs and core for an independent seat. the hula hoop also conditioned the core.

since i seem to be struggling to utilize both legs simultaneously, but in different ways, i’ve been thinking about trying out the thighmaster. thank goodness for ebay, i found a package of two (did you know there are two different types?) just up the road in san antonio. according to the ebay listing, the “thighmaster gold firms and tones your inner thighs, shapes and tones your stomach and abdomen, and tightens your upper arms”; the thighmaster LBX firms and tones the buttocks and outer thighs.” can’t argue with that.

i’ve fallen off the wagon with my debbie rodriguez success in the saddle videos due to my ankle. it’s holding up pretty well these days, so i’ll try to get back into them. adding in the thighmaster can only help. and it makes for a great convo starter. lemme know if you want to borrow one!


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