(not) in hot water

thelwell cartoons are always appropriate.

in the spirit of continuing education (and with a nod to sprinklerbandit’s great “teach me tuesday” posts), i have a burning question for you guys.

how on earth am i supposed to bathe my horse before clipping when i only have a cold-water wash rack? should i buy one of those fancy portable water heaters? (considering auto is grey, it might be worth its weight in gold. also, i could probably rent it out!)

but really, auto already needs to be clipped again and it’s getting pretty darn chilly here in texas and all we have is cold water. what’s a girl to do? i welcome any and all advice!

rachel alexandra standing like a champ for her bath.


8 thoughts on “(not) in hot water

  1. So, this is the 1st time I’m at a barn that has a hot water wash rack so I feel your pain about the no hot water. The way I managed it was I brought my plug in hot water kettle and just made a couple of big buckets of warm water to give Spot a sponge bath/spot clean. I would only “wash” her in the places I was planning to clip. Also, if you get this stuff called Miracle Groom and use it before clipping it makes your clippers glide through the fuzz without having to give a real bath.

    But, I’ve always coveted one of those portable water heaters…I saw this one that didn’t seem too expensive:


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