have had a couple great rides auf der autobahn this week. my boy sure knows when to step it up. this morning’s dressage ride was really terrific. to top it all off, found a few great pics from our first horse trial earlier this month. unfortunately, we ended with an E, but i got a great pic!

Troy Roane Photography

Troy Roane Photography


in other news, i thought i’d take the november 10. thanks L!

1. have you ever owned a horse?   yes, two. two others were mine in all but name.

2. what is your favorite aspect of your discipline? i love that eventing has forced me to be accountable for my riding, especially in dressage, and that i get to do all the things: dressage, show jumping, xc (xc especially).

3. what pet peeves do you have concerning your discipline?  i feel that the divisions are often unfairly mixed (in many regards).
4. do you do barn chores?  some. i do most of the handyman stuff for our team/tackroom/lockers. i always try to pick up after myself.5. what is your least favorite barn chore?  filling waters, unless cleaning up after others is a barn chore.

6. what do you consider the worst vice in a horse?  a bad work ethic. (i’ve never experienced a horse that rears on the regular, so i’m not factoring that in.)7. what saddle brand is your favorite?  i guess my own, adam ellis and albion.

8. do you ride with a quarter sheet in the winter?  yep. auto’s been wearing the back on track, and i’m pleased with it.

9. does your horse wear boots? what kind?  all the boots: majyk equipe front and hinds for both xc and sj. snazzy new white DSBs with black fleece for dressage. bell boots for every ride.

10. full seat or knee patch breeches? full. once i went down that road i could never go back (though i do have some schooling knps still in circulation).


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  1. great pic and glad you had a nice dressage ride 🙂 also – what are your thoughts re: the majyk equipes? i’m debating getting some for next season..


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