sit and spin

damn it, facebook pony! you weren’t supposed to tell! now i have to be accountable.

as you may have already heard, facebook pony and i went to our inaugural spin class on saturday. she’s an old pro, and i’ve done it some, but this was our first spin together. our motivation is exactly the same and since she already said it, i’ll just borrow from her: “It’s far past time to get serious about getting back into better shape – all this dressage nonsense is going to kill me otherwise. Plus I really owe it to my pony to not flop around like a big fat sack of potatoes, my riding is questionable enough as it is.”

the highlight of the class for me was the feeling that my lungs were bleeding. yeah, i have exceptional cardiovascular strength. in fact, i think i’m still wheezing from that shit. we did spend the rest of the afternoon text-comparing painful parts. for me, it was my knees. holy hell, the ache was real. i need  BoT for my old joints. then, on sunday, when we ran into each other in the tack, we compared sore buttocks. cos, man, those spin seats are not comfy.
so, here’s to getting fit in 2015. our horses deserve it, and we deserve to be able to eat just about anything that we want. a spinning we will go!


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