i’m ready to be done with 2014. it wasn’t a terrible year, but it wasn’t great either. looking through photographic documentation of 2014 auf der autobahn, it was a hell of a year for cross-country schooling. we schooled every chance we got, and we have the pics to prove it.

Meadow Creek Park in January. yeah, i was wearing short sleeves. these pics are pretty great, and really make me happy. we look so confident and my leg is solidly placed on what denny emerson calls the go-button. that forward confidence through the water is pretty epic too, considering we’ve had water issues.

in january we also went to coyote springs, where auto bucked and crow hopped after each jump. it was a weird day.

there’s also some evidence of an SJ school in january. over jump much? SJ has remained least schooled discipline through the year. we continued to work on our SJ with deb rosen in february. she’s the eskimo in the background of the pic below.

deb rosen clinic

in march, auto had his SI joints injected.

in may we schooled pine hill.

we mostly worked on dressage over the summer (i think). no photo evidence to prove it.

then we schooled MCP again in sept, oct, and november.

i sprained my ankle pretty badly right before the PH schooling show and made the less than best choice to enter the subsequent one-day horse trial. i don’t really believe that recognized v. schooling had anything to do with our disastrous showing, but i was reminded that we need a lot more miles. we did get one or two great pics out of it, though.


in december auto and henry the facebook pony fell in love and began their fairytale bromance. they really are meant for each other.

auto and henry’s people joined gold’s gym and began their journey to the depths of spin hell.


and i received the coolest xmas ornament ever, commemorating our year of XC. thanks, amchance!

me and auto are poised to close out december with a few great rides/lunge, new shoes (for him), and some really cool gear (that i’ll post about soon).

i’m looking forward to another year with my squeeze, and hope to document our progress auf der autobahn.


7 thoughts on “2014

  1. The over jumping is pretty funny, also I like how his ears are turned back for SJ but all forward and perky for XC. Sounds like a pretty sweet year! Looking forward to hearing about all your adventures next year…and your cool swagz.

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