looking into 2015

i’m not really one for sharing/articulating goals, but reading everyone’s goals for 2015 has me feeling like i should give it a shot. it’s not that i don’t set goals for myself, my riding, and my life, but goals feel like private things–things that are kept close to the vest, for ready self-review. but, in the interest of trying something new, i figure i’ll document a few and see what happens.

goals for me in 2015: 
become much more knowledgeable about equine physiology and gait biodynamics.

improve the clarity of my aids, especially in the canter ask, and in using my body to support consistent tempo.

più andante, sempre più andante.

become a more fit rider, with particular emphasis on my core and upper back strength.

purchase a truck and trailer (does that count as a goal?).

goals for autobahn in 2015:
improve his balance and self-carriage in order to make him more comfortable in his gaits.
begin pentosan injections to manage his physical comfort.
develop his confidence when approaching a line or grid of jumps, so that he doesn’t feel that he must charge through it.
millions more miles in the dressage and show jumping arenas.

goals for our partnership in 2015:
complete at least one event, wherein we finish with a number, not a letter.

those are all attainable, right?


7 thoughts on “looking into 2015

  1. i know what you mean about feeling like goals are private things… but it’s also kinda fun to write ’em out – makes them seem more real, maybe. in any case, love your goals and good luck!!! i say getting a rig totally counts lol


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