in da club

guys, i did it. i joined the club. what club, you ask? well, the cool kids ogilvy club, of course! have i been hanging out with amanda too much? well yes, i have but she doesn’t deserve the blame for my purchase!

but . . . i did borrow her ogilvy for our walkabout and sent me the link to the customization page (have you seen it!?!?!?), so i guess she bears a little of the responsibility!

i haven’t been super happy with the supracor half pad i found on ebay, so i’ve been thinking about something more plush for my tender guy. but, with the veeerrrryyy long wait to get an ogilvy, i had put it out of mind as an option. UNTIL I SAW ONE ON EBAY!
i jumped on it, and now it’s mine! mine mine mine! there’s no special customization, but that’s alright. it’s exactly what i need, and maybe i’ll have it monogramed or something.

can’t wait to try it out and see how my picky mister likes it with his saddle!


14 thoughts on “in da club

  1. Amanda knows ALL about the cool things!! Welcome to the Ogilvy Club, friend 🙂 I just got my first Ogilvy, and she’s already tried to talk me into a second, schooling-only Ogilvy…which may or may not be working haha


  2. Is that a dressage model? Looks very straight in the front. Congrats on the Ebay score! I didn’t sell my Ogilvy when I stopped riding. I feel like that is a testament! 😉


    • it is the dressage model! good eye. i use a thinline for my jump saddle, but it doesnt fit my giant dressage saddle.
      and yes, i think that you kept yours is a real testament! so excited to try mine out.


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