review: farm house tack

wanted to share a great buying experience with y’all! i highly recommend farm house tack, a brick-and-mortar and online retailer.

in my hunt for a pair of ice-vibe boots to help auto through his rehab, i came across a listing on english tack trader for a new pair at about $10 under the lowest retail i’ve seen. not the best savings, but enough for me to inquire about their availability.

horseware ice-vibe boot. photo from farm house tack website.

so i reached out to the poster (jessica), and in our chatting discovered that she was representing FHT. since i was going to take advantage of the small savings and purchase the ice-vibes, i figured why not browse the store’s online listings and see if there was anything else i might want to grab.

well, then i came across these magnetic stable boots at a significant discount.

veredus magnetik stable boots

what’s that i hear, a loud collective groan from y’all? i get it. i know all the evidence of “successful healing” from magnets is anecdotal. but, i scoured the reviews (while chatting with jessica) and coth (oy!)), and decided why the hell not try them. at such a significant discount, it was worth it to me to take the chance that they may or may not help. (and yes, my horse gets acupressure/body work and chiro, and i am a FIRM believer in acupuncture.)

so back to my great experience at FHT. jessica had pulled the ice-vibes for me and was patiently waiting for me to finish my shopping when i inquired about the veredus boots. i couldn’t find info on sizing anywhere! so she pulled the boots for me and gave me the sizing info from the packaging. (that’s excellent service!) then, i had the dollar sign crisis: “I can’t afford both, but i want both!”

so she waited for me to decide. while browsing COTH for feedback on ice-vibe and magnetic boots, i came across many accolades for the ice horse brand (used by none other than Rich Fellers and Flexi!), and specifically their tendon wraps. at a much more affordable price point, i found my solution. I could get both!

ice horse tendon wraps

so i called jessica to give her my credit card info for the purchase. she was lovely to chat with, commiserated with me about the cost of horse ownership, and wrapped up my purchase quickly. within a few hours, i had my shipping label!

i couldn’t be happier with my experience with farm house tack. i will absolutely return to them for future purchases!

now, let’s all good vibes that auto gets the go-ahead for rehab, and that the combo of voodoo magnets and ice help him recover quickly!


8 thoughts on “review: farm house tack

  1. i really love representatives who are so willing to help like that – it just makes shelling over that kind of money pretty enjoyable haha. also – i’d definitely be interested in hearing more about your thoughts re: acupuncture


    • emma, i haven’t tried acupuncture on auto, but i have used it regularly on myself. i have a chronic pinched nerve under my scapula (thank you, desk job!) that PT and chiro did nothing for. the only thing that helped was a valium (mmmm, valium), but it just knocked me out, didn’t fix the issue. so, after weeks of intense suffering, i saw an acupuncturist. in 3 sessions (1x/wk 3x), i had total recovery. it was miraculous. and, in my first session, i really felt my qi reset and begin to move. it was unreal.
      so now i use acupuncture whenever i have an issue. it is my go-to fix and i will proselytize to anyone who listens.

      i’d try it in a heartbeat for auto if i felt the need (and had access to a knowledgeable practitioner, of course!).

      hope that’s what you were after. happy to share more!


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