review: ice horse tendon boot

you might recall my excitement at not having to choose between a pair of magnetic therapy boots and an ice boot. well, after a month or so of use, i can tell you that i am still thrilled with my purchase of the magnetic boots, but not so much the ice boot.

auto has been back under saddle for about a week now. we’re taking road hacks as often as the weather allows. walking on the road is just what he needs to begin to redevelop the strength in his suspensory (i’m thinking “hard ground for soft tissue” will be an interesting post for another day), and to begin getting him fit overall again.

to stave off any inflammation, i have made it a point to apply the ice boot after we get back from our hacks, since we don’t have truly cold water from the hose. honestly, i think i’d rather stand in the wash rack hosing a wiggle worm horse than use the ice horse tendon boot. i think the design is really lacking in simple details that would make it more effective and easier to use.

image via smartpak

as you can see in the image from smartpak, the “ice” packs are long, single-cell packs that you insert into compartments inside the boot.

CCC_2_Legs_1then you fasten the compartments together around the leg and then fasten the boot wrap around them.

well, in my experience, the single-cell packs and the single velcro fastener have nothing on gravity. no matter how tightly i fasten the strap (and i’m loathe to fasten it too tightly), all the “ice” succumbs to the earth’s pull and oozes to the bottom of the pack–precisely not near auto’s high suspensory strain. UGH! not helpful, ice horse.

from what i can tell, all of ice horse’s “ice” packs are single-celled, but there are others on the market with multiple cells, such as these from professionals choice:

or these from reitsport:

i think i’ll try one of the multi-cell inserts in auto’s ice horse boot so that my purchase is not entirely a waste. but for future cryotherapy purchases, i will likely look to another brand.


4 thoughts on “review: ice horse tendon boot

  1. You should let Ice Horse know (if they aren’t paying attention to this already). I have definitely appreciated the Ice Horse boots on my MIL’s warmblood mare, as there’s an appreciable difference in temperature after 30 minutes in those on her tendons. But I can totally also see how it would be difficult to access a high tendon strain with gravity getting in the way.

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