phirst-world problems

i recently upgraded my iphone (get it: phone/phirst-world? ugh, i know!) to the larger iphone 6. i would have stayed with the 5, but then camera on the 6 seduced me. anyway, 5 or 6, i can’t figure out how to keep the damn thing on me when i’m at the barn. it’s too big to be in a pocket, and frankly it’s not comfortable to have it wedged in the bed of my hip (especially when riding). also, in the texas heat, i sweat like a sinner in church, and that does not bode well for longevity.

as i’ll likely be making many, many road hacks and trail rides by myself as i try to bring auto back into work, i need to figure out how to bring the phone along for the ride.

here’s what i found via a very useful COTH thread and a other general searching on the internets.

daresoar phone silks. i’m not sure how i came across this idea–i’ll chalk it up to laine ashker’s serious social media presence. i like the concept, but i’m not sure how i feel about wearing a sleeve.

DareSoar Phone Silk. Available via Kickstarter.

i tend to wear long sleeve sun shirts in the summer to stave off the skin cancer and farmer’s tan. doubling up a layer is not very appealing. what i do like is the easy visual and tactile access to the screen.

spibelt. i came across the spibelt on the COTH forum and was really intrigued. and, i’m thrilled to see that it’s made right here in ATX.

spibelt photo from the spibelt website.

this looks like it might be a really great option: i like the streamlined design and the fact that it expands to fit a phone, but could also be used for smaller things at the gym. i’m not entirely sure what makes this version high visibility beyond the color, but i do like the idea of high visibility.

flipbelt. i’ve been eyeing the flipbelt for a while. i love that it is seamless and nearly invisible. on that note, though, i can’t imagine trying to fish my phone out from under my shirt, if it’s untucked.

flipbelt photo from the flipbelt website.

i’m not sure i love the way the phone is positioned in the photo above, but it doesn’t have to be fulcrumed on your hip bone (not that my hip bones are even visible!).

armpocket. the armpocket is interesting to me for its versatility. on a hack, i’d probably wear it around my calf (assuming the wrap is not too bulky). but, i could also wear it around my arm.
i like that i could see the screen at a glance, and that the phone is not around my hips/belly. don’t want to irritate the muffin top! i do wonder about accessing the phone, though. how easy or difficult would it be to get the phone out of the armpocket if i needed it?

the fanny pack. last in the list of options is the fanny pack. love it or hate it, this is the most functional of all the options. why, you ask: because it can hold a phone and cookies, of course.

they’re not the best looking accessory, in my opinion, but that’s not priority number one. i could easily access my phone (or cookies, or a snack for myself) and don’t need a belt to which to clip a rigid case. i guess i’d either go as inconspicuous as possible with black or grey, or get the lime green for a shock of visibility. and, as an added bonus, i’ll be ready for coachella.

so what do you think, arm band, belt-style band, iphone silk, fanny pack, or something that i’ve not even considered? i’d love to hear how you ride with your phone, especially if you don’t shove it into your pocket.


15 thoughts on “phirst-world problems

  1. In the winter I’m always wearing a vest so my phone goes in a vest pocket. I have the same problem as you in the summer, so if you figure something out that works I will probably just copy you. Even a lightweight vest seems unreasonable in the summer. The arm pocket looks least-annoying to me, but not very accessible.

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  2. I’ve used the arm pocket thingies in the past. Not even a little bit accessible, but it does serve the purpose of allow you to track via GPS, being there in case of emergency, etc. I like the idea of putting it around your calf much better! One possible flaw: it feels big even with my 5s, I wonder if the 6 is just going to be TOO big, depending on the width of your arm?

    Honestly, the fanny pack is kind of the best solution. They make runner’s belts that are like slimmer, sexier versions of the fanny pack and can also hold a water bottle, maybe one of those?

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  3. Don’t know if you’re into phone cases, but I love my lifeproof case. I got a belt clip phone holder that works with the case and it’s been perfect. I can pull my phone out and put it back with one hand. Check it out! 🙂

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  4. I just got the iphone 6 too and bought an armband for it to use at the barn with the idea that I could also listen to music while I ride. It’s a pain right in the nuts to put on, doesn’t sit comfortably no matter how I adjust it, and is difficult to actually do anything on the phone while you’re wearing it. I’m definitely going to look into some of the other links you posted!


  5. If you wear half chaps, they’re good makeshift phone pockets, although I’ve found it to be annoying. One of my barn mates does it all the time. Props to her. There are also those running shirts with the zipper pocket on the back.

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  6. I went out and bought a running belt from (they have a store in my city) – similar to Spibelt but a bit bigger – NOT as big as a fanny pack. However, my new Samsung Galaxy S6 just barely fits in it (with hardly any room for treats) – only though because I have it in an Otterbox. I highly recommend the running belt – I just spin it around so the pack part is at my back and forget I’m even wearing it.

    I wear it when I’m running and when I’m walking the dog – perfect for extra doggie bags, phone, keys and it’s small enough that it’s not attention grabbing.

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