september goals

the dog days are over, my friends! hooray! i think i’m back from my trip to grumpytown and out of my rut. auto is finally set up with a jumping bit he likes. and, we hit the ground running with a real milestone in our first lesson (D) of the month. so, in the interest of gaining¬†momentum, i thought i’d post some september goals.

1. continue to work on transitions, to encourage general responsiveness to aids and to develop quiet, calm up transitions (especially at the canter).

2. continue to struggle work on my contact with the bit. similarly, be consistent in my contact to encourage auto to accept and begin stretching into it.

3. incorporate interval sets into our weekly program. these are mostly for my strength training–trot sets to be done in two point.

4. begin debbie rodriguez success in the saddle dvds. (see above) just ordered these today–hoping they arrive soon.

5. schooling show first weekend of october! YIKES.