lesson recap

what a great week of lessons. two dressage, and one jumping/xc. auto is showing more ability (er, willingness) to pick up the left lead canter, and he’s becoming more adjustable in the gait. hooray!

xc gallop, meadowcreek park (sometime in 2014)

xc gallop, meadowcreek park (sometime in 2014)

we had a ton of fun schooling the new xc jumps at MEC (the barn where i board/ride). since i ride very early in the morning, and rush to get to work, i don’t have time to take pics. i will take some this weekend. how boring is a blog without pics!?!

dare i commit to the schooling show in two weeks? lisa thinks it’s a no-brainer. i am a little more (ok, a LOT more) cautious than she is when it comes to our ability to perform an obedient dressage test or show jump a rushy horse in front of a judge and spectators. so, i’ve been on the fence (har! see what i did there?) about sending in my entry. but, auto’s been pretty good and predictable lately, so i’m warming up to the idea.

show or not, i do need a new bit for jumping (especially on xc)–one that offers a bit more oomph to my rein aid. i’m pretty settled on the mouthpiece: either double-jointed snaffle with lozenge or waterford (he works nicely in both). but i’m not sure if i want beval, universal, or dutch gag cheeks. any of you guys have experience with those types of cheeks, or with the neue schule bits? i know bitting can be a contentious subject, so please be kind, but i’m also interested in feedback!


i am easily trained.

this morning’s dressage lesson solidified for me that my horse has me wrapped around his little finger (er, hoof, as it were). ┬áhe used to overbend to the inside and tokyo drift with his hind end, so i learned to create a wall with my outside rein and leg and give the inside. i grew so accustomed to blocking the drift that i couldn’t even begin to consider that our new counterbending issue might stem from applying too much outside rein and not enough inside leg/rein. i am clearly still learning how to process how my four limbs impact his body!

the mental game is the hardest for me. like i said in my intro post, i am feeling in a rut. this morning’s lesson was so great, though, that hopefully it’s not permanent.

i am inspired by riding rainbow’s post, the no-riding blues, to pick up a few of the sport psychology books she mentioned, especially those by jane savoie. my trainer, lisa, has also mentioned the talent code, so i should probably pick that one up, too. i love adding to my equestrian library. in fact, as a book editor, i fantasize about reissuing all the great out-of-print riding books, and encouraging a new generation of riders to read and write. maybe i should get on that.

in the meantime, here’s a teaser for what i have to contribute to facebook pony’s tack swap:
brand new ariat westchester boots ($150), size 7, full calf, regular height

i also have a set of black nunn finer rubber reins (the pimply ones); a waterford boucher, size 5.25/5.5; a full cheek dr. bristol, size 5; and, maybe a few other things. i hope to post pictures and prices of these additional items this week!