i am easily trained.

this morning’s dressage lesson solidified for me that my horse has me wrapped around his little finger (er, hoof, as it were). ┬áhe used to overbend to the inside and tokyo drift with his hind end, so i learned to create a wall with my outside rein and leg and give the inside. i grew so accustomed to blocking the drift that i couldn’t even begin to consider that our new counterbending issue might stem from applying too much outside rein and not enough inside leg/rein. i am clearly still learning how to process how my four limbs impact his body!

the mental game is the hardest for me. like i said in my intro post, i am feeling in a rut. this morning’s lesson was so great, though, that hopefully it’s not permanent.

i am inspired by riding rainbow’s post, the no-riding blues, to pick up a few of the sport psychology books she mentioned, especially those by jane savoie. my trainer, lisa, has also mentioned the talent code, so i should probably pick that one up, too. i love adding to my equestrian library. in fact, as a book editor, i fantasize about reissuing all the great out-of-print riding books, and encouraging a new generation of riders to read and write. maybe i should get on that.

in the meantime, here’s a teaser for what i have to contribute to facebook pony’s tack swap:
brand new ariat westchester boots ($150), size 7, full calf, regular height

i also have a set of black nunn finer rubber reins (the pimply ones); a waterford boucher, size 5.25/5.5; a full cheek dr. bristol, size 5; and, maybe a few other things. i hope to post pictures and prices of these additional items this week!