quiet weekend

it was a quiet weekend auf der autobahn. we’ve had rain for the last two/three days, so himself had a few extra days off. i can’t say i minded. i did some epic napping and lots of reading this weekend, and scored lots of at-home points with the hubs. i was not on tap to show this weekend (sorry to you guys who had shows cancelled!), and had not planned to go to the barn on saturday. i went out on sunday to graze auto and clean all the tack.

himself looking regal (of course he has a dirt clod hanging out his mouth!)

himself looking regal (of course he has a dirt clod hanging out his mouth!)

on friday evening i endured rush hour traffic to make a stop at dover. i had to return a few pairs of breeches from an order they screwed up royally. of three breeches, only two arrived after a two week wait; one was not even close to the size i ordered and the other was way too big. of course the missing pair were probably the perfect pair.

i am desperate to try the cavallo chiara in grey with teal trim. (i mean, c’mon!)

it seems that dover is out of them in my size. so, in a fit of “try on everything in the store. must find breeches that i like and that fit!” i spent an hour between the racks and the dressing room, grousing to the clerks about my loathing of low rise breeches. another shopper–BLESS HER–said, “try the tailored sportsman trophy hunter. they’re not really that low-rise.” i scoffed at her, but grabbed a pair anyway. OH. MY. GOD. i did the happy dance.

i guess there were a few reasons i was so averse to the TS. first, all the hype. i rode in TS in the nineties when the fabric was NOT stretchy, the knee patches were leather, and you could only get green beige. i loved the look of them and, of course, their cache, but they were certainly not comfortable. second, the aforementioned hatred of low rise, which the trophy hunters proclaim to be. third, i have gravitated toward full seats, as they seem to be what you wear on XC, and you can’t get all the colors in full seat (ALL THE COLORS seemed to me to be the only draw to TS). but i am here to tell you, i was wrong. the fit was PERFECT. i was reminded that I LOVE SIDE-ZIP breeches. i will hold out hope that TS continues to expand its line to include more colors in the full seats. but for now, i am a happy rider.

i ordered a pair of the cavallos in a size (probably) too small, just so that i can feel like i did my due diligence. i’ll let you know if/how they work.

here’s to a drier week!


what’s in your tack trunk, dressage edition

as i work to process this week’s lessons (which have been great, and very challenging), i thought i would post about stuff that doesn’t make my brain melt! and, since i had a dressage lesson today, how ’bout we start with dressage tack?

Auf der Autobahn

i love my dressage tack. my saddle is still very new (just a few months old) and it was a long time in the making. the only other tack needed is my bridle, which did not cost a fortune and seems to be breaking in very nicely.


albion platinum ultima europa. (pretty sure this is the same as the SLK ultima platinum, FWIW.) not only was this saddle a great fit for me and auto, it also features an adjustable tree to accommodate potential changes. the leather is like butter (especially on the thigh blocks), and the saddle is just beautiful. i was super stoked that it came with a girth, which has broken in nicely.


suffolk premier dressage bridle, black with silver piping. this looks so good on auto’s pretty face, and the padded poll and cavesson make me feel like he is benefitting from a bit of cushioning.

i use the stubben sweet copper baucher. i love the lozenge and material, and the baucher cheek pieces discourages inversion with a little poll pressure.

although i am starting to wean myself off it, i have been using a german martingale to help both of us learn to ride with contact and to help me manage auto’s inversion evasion. it’s been a groundbreaking help! with proper adjustment and setting (we always use the second ring), the martingale does not come into effect at all unless the horse inverts or runs with the bit. in that case, i get a little extra help correcting, without totally yanking on the bit. when auto is moving forward with a neutral head/neck position, or even on the bit, the martingale does not come into play at all. i currently use lisa’s GM, but would like to acquire one of my own.

i’d love to know what’s in your tack trunk?