i was moved

first thing’s first, if imma do this blogging thing, i really need to get in the habit of snapping pics. i promise to add that to my list of goals and do better in the future.

now, back to the main event, which you have probably already heard about from the facebook pony. (amanda, can you just blog for me, too?) she and i moved our horses this weekend, and it was a quiet and wonderful beginning to our new adventure at new sweden church stables (NSCS). i am so excited for auto’s new digs, and i think he’s pretty chuffed, too. like henry, he walked in to his new stall to find teal buckets, cookies in one of said buckets, and copious hay. the sun was also gloriously warming his little crash pad. (i’m envisioning many sun drenched naps in his future!) his accommodations are really top notch, and i felt no qualms about leaving him in the BO’s care. auto and hens will be turned out together, fulfilling their magical best bros dreams.

after getting the boys settled, four of us took a walkabout in the neighborhood, up to the beautiful historic new sweden church and back again.
auto was a champ, especially considering: he was not in any of his own tack, it was his first time in a hackamore, he’s never really been on a road hack with cars and motorcycles, and he was not pleased to see water, water everywhere. (didja know that auto HATES water? yeah, that’s a fun fact.) really, though, he was such a good boy. i threw him almost every curve ball, and he handled himself better than i could have hoped.

NSCS is still pretty soggy with all of the rain we’ve had lately, even after their efforts to pump out the arenas. (yes, they pump the standing water out of the arenas to facilitate more rapid drying! brilliant!) it’ll probably be a few days before we get back to work, but that’s alright–it’ll give him some time to get acclimated.

in keeping with the start fresh theme, i spent most of yesterday afternoon cleaning and conditioning my tack. i LOVE my higher standards kit. it’s really as good as y’all have said. pro tip: microwaving the conditioner to soften it and applying it with your hands is the way to go. saddles and bridles are clean and supple, and ready to report for duty.

more pics next time, i promise.


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