a hitch in his giddy-up

handsome man in his new digs.

auto has had a hitch in his giddy-up for a little more than a week. it started wednesday, 1/21, at our old barn when i pulled him out for an early morning lesson. as he’d been cooped up for a few days, i threw him on the line and worked him for about 15 minutes to get the joints lubed up and the muscles loose. he was lovely. we’ve been lunging consistently for about a month (when the weather permitted us to use the arenas), and he’s become really responsive and showing signs of stretchy work. so i was pleased and feeling good about hopping on and having a nice dressage lesson.

about ten minutes into the ride, tracking right, he began pinning his ears and crow-hopping with every application of leg pressure. he’s usually pretty stiff to the right, but this was evidence of real pain. so we walked a bit and he seemed fine. back to the trot, and it was clear that he was not having it.

cue exactly one week later, we rode for the first time at the new barn, NSCS. he was demonstrating the same behavior. not quite as seriously and not constantly, but enough that i was worried and cut short our work. he was fine at the walk, again, so we went out with AC and hens. while walking i did feel a serious reluctance to soften his right side. AC suggested a rib out, so after our walk, we palpated him. i didn’t find anything of note, but AC found tenderness in his hip. (she is a pro-palpator.)
so, we’re having dr. jack the chiro out tomorrow and christina magic hands out on monday evening for body work. auto’s not had chiro in almost two years–he hasn’t needed it. i’m really hoping it’s what he needs now and we’ll get him all sorted out. i’m ready to start riding again.

looking forward to picking the chiro’s brain and learning all i can. i love visits from equine pros–i want to learn all the things from them. will report back. in the meantime, please cross your fingers that we get this sorted.


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